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Carbon Mattress Topper

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  • Our Deluxe Carbon Topper is the perfect addition to your sleep environment for those looking at adding comfort to their mattress. Hand-crafted from 600gsm of traceable British fibre combined with an organic cotton outer cover to provide an all-natural comfort like no other.


    An innovative technology with regulatory and antibacterial properties, it adapts to your body temperature allowing a rest without accumulation of temperature, it offers freshness in summer and warmth in winter.


    These extra-ordinary Toppers fully responds to hygiene high standards by allowing the dispersion of the filler un-harmful antibacterial fillers.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Raphael
Brilliant solution for me

I bought a new bed but the mattress had huge dips in because it is a deep one. I found it uncomfortable and too firm so I thought I'd try this mattress topper. Cheap and cheerful but what a difference. My bed is so much more comfortable. Easy to fit, bed feels less dippy and softer. Added advantage is it also protects my normal mattress. I was so impressed, I got one for my Mum and she loves it too (although now needs a stepladder to get into bed).


What a difference these make! Take the chill off the mattress and really comfortable, only problem is, I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Brilliant in this chilly weather. Don't know about ease of cleaning, haven't got to that stage yet.

Super comfortable and easily washable.

Bought this for my 4 year olds bed. While he was little coming out of nappies i just got a cheap matress, Now hes no longer having accidents hes due a new matress. While we wait for that i thought this would be perfect to make it comfier. Weve had a nap together on it testing it out. Its perfect! Easily washable and comes with a bag to save space for storage.

A lot better than I thought

It was a fantastic buy. I got it to me on Saturday, and have slept on it last 2 nights, and so good. it's hard to explain how happy I am.

Comfy bed now

This is a very simple mattress topper and seems to being doing the trick for me - usually have a much more cumbersome one. Like the light weight and the comfort - and am going to order another next month for my spare room.